Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Christmas 2010

NOG Nog. My Annual Contribution to gluttony. You’re welcome.

Going through these photos a month after they were taken, I realize I haven’t seen some of the gifts the kids were given since the day they were opened. I don’t think the kids know they are missing some toys. It must mean that Christmas wasn’t all about the toys, right? I guess it could also mean they got more stuff than they could keep track of, but I like the first possibility better.

Believe it or not, Christmas around here is pretty mellow. Steve and I don’t host anything. Can’t get any easier than that.

The schedule was Christmas Eve and Auntie Alex’s and Uncle Steve’s house. Christmas Day at home with just the four of us. Christmas Dinner at Uncle Erik’s and Aunt Alethea’s house. Easy as pie for Steve and me.

The Shaws are all in The Bay Area and we miss them at the holidays. But, we talk to them lots and they are kept well informed of Santa’s arrival and the kids’ reaction to their Christmas gifts. There is also this here blog to share the memories with them.

So, without too much more delay (as if 31 days after the big day isn’t long enough), I present to you OUR CHRISTMAS 2010.

Part 1. Christmas Eve at Auntie Alex’s and Uncle Steve’s house.

As always, the presentation of the table, the decorations, the meal, the chocolate mice…amazing. Alex, you have really screwed yourself. We will never celebrate a major holiday anywhere but your house. You do it too well. Dummy.

5291095471_8dda18fcf5_b 5291098769_1b0f8f0584_b5291698492_da8a5bc376_b

Finn isn’t usually allowed to shoot at people with guns, but, because it was Christmas, we made an exception. 


5291695910_c9b2f73316_b The Kids and Steve, got these personalized shirts from Alex. Steve’s was the Gaelic spelling of his name. The first one below is for Cousin Lincoln. So cool.

Christmas 2010 035 Christmas 2010 034 Christmas 2010 0365291078161_f835c1554b_b5291102449_c3458ab7bb_b Christmas 2010 039Christmas 2010 0145291709924_1bfb6ec3be_b5291732818_41b91872aa_b5291713428_4af1691445_bThis is the point in the evening when things got a little weird. Auntie Alex put pasties on herself and on Niamh and entered the two of them in the Ugly Christmas Sweater Competition.

5291716178_7dfc8b00c6_bIt was a tough competition but Park won.

5291117009_083a563146_bYes, that’s a Fidel Castro piñata. Why? Is that odd? Like your grandpa wouldn’t want one too?


And, we had our annual visit from Bo Bo the Magic Dancing Bear.

Part 2. Christmas Day.

We are still recycling boxes and paper.

I love our tipsy tree.

Christmas 2010 129 Christmas 2010 157Christmas 2010 134 Christmas 2010 136 Christmas 2010 139 Christmas 2010 148

After breakfast I put down the camera and didn’t pick it up until January. Steve got sick and spent the rest of Christmas in bed. We had the most delicious array of soups for dinner at Erik’s and Alethea’s for Christmas Dinner, a tradition I hope we continue….and another that keeps me from hosting a major meal.

Thank you to our generous family for spoiling us all another year. You guys make some pretty great holidays and some pretty great memories.

**Addendum** Photo credit for the good photos goes to Auntie Alex. Yes, she’s a great photographer too. Do her talents ever end? Nope. And, she’s nice. And, she lets her kids eat sugary cereal. Her kids are so lucky.


Alanna Shaw, MFT said...

We live vicariously through your posts to hear what you guys are doing! It looks and sounds like you had a great Christmas!

Meg said...

Does Auntie Alex have 2 extra seats? That's right, I'll just bring whomever I like best from my family that night. I wouldn't want to impose or anything and bring all of us.
You look stunning in that picture.
Just think, next year you guys will be sitting on a COUCH and opening presents. Oh the comfort that awaits you.

fiona westover said...

Meg, I think you and Alex would get along like a house on fire. I bet if we took a vote, the Westovers would vote to have you replace Steve at dinner.

AL said...

Done! Meg, you take Steve's spot. Now I just have to figure out how to spell Meg in Gaelic.