Monday, January 31, 2011

She IS An Athlete

Grab an adult beverage for this one.

Jump roping is Niamh’s “sport” of choice.

What you are about to see is a “choreographed” end of season routine by Niamh’s after school Jump Rope Group. Much of the routine is improv by each kid. Some kids went home and thought about what they were going to do. Some kids (ahem, mine) thought they would just go with what the music moved them to do the moment of the performance. Or, they would just look to their neighbor and copy whatever they were doing.

I gotta say, I nearly died, and I did cry (cause I love her like my own), when Jaya had the spotlight. She had obviously prepared. The differences between those 2 best friends are many. Yin and Yang. Felix Ungar and Oscar Madison.

Niamh is in the grey and white striped shirt. Jaya is in the blue T with the peace sign.

Jump Rope is on Fridays after school. Most Saturdays, Niamh complains of muscle soreness. This is a REAL sport.

**The Instructor, a 5 time World Jump Rope Champion, was about 38 weeks pregnant at the end of the season. Whenever she jumped rope, I would pee in my pants as an empathetic gesture.**


Loosy said...

I just got choked up watching this. It could be because of the memories that "Jump Everybody Jump" brings back or the fact that all these kids are too stinking cute with how serious they take their sport. Your daughter can get up. She's got some hops. She's like a jaguar on her toes with that rope. I'm impressed. Maybe she can lead me through a rope workout?

This video is classic. She's going to love it when she becomes a "hot dog".

Katie said...

Niamh gets good air on her jumps. Seriously. She may not have a set routine but she's up in the sky.
I was impressed.
I LOVE how Jaya just flops to the ground when she's done.
Nice music too.
Too cute.

Alanna Shaw, MFT said...

Niamh is a great jumper! Lots of height on those jumps! Jaya's got some moves with the criss-crossing. They both did great with the double dutch rope!

Jocelyn said...

um. i was a hot dog. from 4th grade til 6th grade. yes. i jumped competetively (SP?) at malls around the state. LA Gears were my jump rope shoe of choice. i really love niamh little hair cut. so cute

Meg said...

I too had tears. Like a proud Mama Bear. Maybe Niamh needs to get some light up shoes like Jaya...those were serious. I too was a touring jump roper...part of the skipperiors. We jump roped at other schools. Recognize. Word.