Sunday, January 30, 2011

Taking It Too Far

Finn and I were playing Kinect Boxing and yelling out intimidations to each other.

You’re going down!

I’m gonna knock you out!

Watch it, Sucka, I’m the Champ!

You, know, harmless little things like that.

Then, Finn yells out, You shit in your pants!

Can you hear the record scratch and the room go silent and still? It did…for everyone except for Finn…he just kept on playing as if he had said I’m going to tickle you to death!

013 012

And that concludes yet another lesson in Don’t Say Anything In Front Of Your Kids That You Don’t Want Repeated.

**I’ll have a little conversation with Steve about Steve’s language around the kids.**


Meg said...

I am crying right now I am laughing so hard!!! No worse than Hadley proclaiming she was going to pee on everybody at Finn's bday.

Steve Westover said...

He just said "shit" playing bowling. I asked him what he said and he just gave me a sinister grin and said "shoot"

Alanna Shaw, MFT said...

He's so funny!

Ashling busted with "fuck" the other day. I turned to Chris and he turned red. Another proud parenting moment...