Monday, January 3, 2011

A Very Urgent Matter

I have things to post about that date back to November. Niamh’s birthday party to be specific. I’m going to have to lock myself up in an all night diner to get it done.

In High School I used to have to go to Denny’s right off Hwy 92 in Foster City and study until the wee hours of the morning. Then I’d take a nap and get up for Crew. I can’t believe my growth wasn’t stunted by my lack of sleep and young abuse of caffeine.

In College, it was Perkins in Lewisburg, PA, off the 15. I’d read Biology lessons and eat bread bowl soups and salads until I could no longer sit comfortably because my insides expanded to the point of pain with coffee soaked dough.

In Nursing School, Honey Bear and Zoka were the spots.

I’m a pathological procrastinator.

I don’t know what that means, I just made it up.

The more I have to do, the less of it I do. Crap just continues to pile up. The projects multiply because as I sit staring at all I have to do, I come up with more things I want to do. Then, instead of doing all the things I have to do, I waste time reorganizing kitchen cabinets.

I need to leave my house and all my distractions to get anything done.

Meredith? Liz? You out there? Wanna chime in about the desserts I’d feel the need to bake before sitting down to write a 10 page Spanish paper about a book I never read. Or how many times I rearranged the furniture in my 8’x10’ bedroom?

Its torture.

So, before I can blog about Niamh’s birthday, Piggy and Liggy, Santa Photos, Elfa, Christmas, and New Year’s, I need to stop obsessing about the couch I am going to buy. I sit and click back and forth between the same 3 furniture sites night after night. I’m scared I’ll make the wrong choice and Steve will never let me buy another couch. Our Living Room will remain void of a place for guests to sit and sip. We will never sit in comfort and open Christmas Gifts. We will always sit on the hard floor criss-cross-applesauce watching cardboard accumulate in a pile. I’ll continue to wonder if it would be weird if I tried to bend and stack the boxes in the shape of a chair so only my feet rested on the floor, not my rump, legs, and heels.

We need a couch.

I’m 36 years old. Steve is closer to 40. We should own Living Room furniture. Its kind of a status thing for me at this point. My neighbors don’t respect me and I’m certain its because of our sofalessness.

I know I have at least 4 or 5 faithful readers with good taste. I don’t want to name you because I think there are actually 8 readers in all and I don’t want to offend the other 3 or 4.

I need your help. You all know me. Ignore what you know about Steve when helping with this decision.

Here are some photos of our pathetic Living Room.

Front Room from Entry DoorFront Room from Streetside Fireplace Corner Front Room from corner with leather chair Front Room from Dining Room Doors 

The Leather Mission Chair now sits where the big cardboard box is in front of the glass cabinets by the fireplace.

The trunk can go to hell. I’m tired looking at it.

Some day there will be short shelving under the picture by the front door and I can retire the round table to our bedroom. Steve needs a bedside table. Currently he uses the floor for books and alarm clock. Our bedroom is a whole different project.

I just bought two of those little round tables. I kind of love them. They will go next to, or in front of, the couch.

The couch will go against the wall where the little round table is now. An arm chair will some day join it to form an L shape sitting area.

Get the idea?

Here are the contenders.

Option 1 with In Room Example:Option 1 Option 1 In Room

Option 2:Option 2 

Option 3 with In Room Example:Option 3Option 3 In Room 

Option 4 with In Room Example: Option 4Option 4 In Room 

Option 5 with In Room Example:Option 5Option 5 in room

The color will be neutral, probably along the lines of the last couch. I have pillows from Etsy all picked out. Some day, a solid color rug, but for now, my old poppy one will work just fine.

Please help me so I can get on with my life.

The kids need baths and we all need a home cooked meal.


Loosy said...

I'm probably one of your 3 friends that don't have style BUT I'm still going to try and be of help. They're all perfect. I say close your eyes, spin around 10x and then point to your computer screen, which every one you land on you BAM! that's the couch. They're all very honestly, which ever is the cheapest - go for it! And the minute you make this purchase please have me over for wine, so I can sit on your couch and sip. (We'll cover it in plastic of course).

And PS - I love them all. ALL. you make me want a new couch. But first I need to buy a vaccum cleaner for hardwoods and another safety gate. AWESOME!

Katie said...

No Brooke, you have style. This is evidenced by your home and why we want to come back. AHEM.
I am the reader without style and no worries Fi, I'm not hurt. You may openly mention me. No pain no gain.
Now, that being said, I like the darkest couch, stains won't be as obvious, and it won't be all pasty paley in the room. Restoration hardware has had lamps for 50% off lately, take a look there.....

Katie said...

OH and I really like those green chairs in option 3. Are those possible too?

MWesty said...

They are all too modern for my taste, but I know I am one of the 3-4 with no style.

Steve is getting Lemon Money, so you should use that to buy the couch. (Or better yet, buy an even larger helicopter.)

malia said...

I have the least put together house on the planet. And I agree with Brooke that you should choose the cheapest because I'd be jealous of any of them. But if they were all the same price I'd pick number 1. It's the one I most want to sit on. But the color of 5 which I think you already said. BTW have you sat on any of these? If you have, pick the most comfy one. That's important...I can tell you because I blew my couch budget on a couch that is kinda ugly and not comfortable at all. I can tolerate the ugliness but not how uncomfy it is. Oh, I can't wait to see what you pick.

Now go buy!

AL said...

I LOVE number 2, but I think you might be disappointed with the one long cushion because when only one person sits on it it doesn't lie flat well unless you weigh it down with pillows. So get that one and always invite two people over.
My second choice is number 1 because I think the scale is better if it is indeed bigger than number 3. If it's the same size as 3, then they are a tie.
At the risk of stepping on toes, I'm not fond of the heavy legs on number 4 and if number 5 had the legs of number 2 it would be perfect, but doesn't.

Julie said...

My vote is #4 because:
1)it's darker
2)there are no buttons to replace after someone like a small child or puppy pops one off
3)looks cozy

I would consider how washable the fabrics are. Any couch can look dumpy if you can't clean it.

I know I'm one without style, but I'd like to think my sense of style excels when I have more money to spend and/or I am spending someone else's money.

Annika said...

I really like option #3. I think it looks the most inviting to sit at while maintaining the classy look that all of them have. They're all great, though.

Meg said...

Okay, first...if you took this show on the road you could buy any couch in the world. You're hilarious! And yes, you are probably one of the biggest procrastinators I blows my mind when I get texts from you at 3am that you just started packing for a 4 day camping trip. I am all alone in voting for #5. I loved texture. I agree with Julie about the buttons, but your kids are old enough that after one good whack to the head, they won't pull them off. I love the color too. The first 3 colors + two kids + two dogs + steve and his pointy elbows knocking things over...not a good combo. Oh, and all our work friends commenting on your blogs...makes me really, really, miss work.

Meg said...

Wow. My comment makes no sense. Blame it on Carson.

Kelli Kolstad said...

#5 definitely looks like the kind of sofa your friends would love to come over to sit and sip (out of the Waterford).

Jeni said...

They are all very similar. I like 2 and 3 the best. The legs on 4 look a little heavy and the back on 1 looks like a couch I've had before and it was too firm. If you can get#2 in the color of 5 that would be my vote or I guess #3. Which ever is most comfortable. Make sure you try them out if you can. there is nothing worse then buying a couch and then finding it's not comfortable to lounge on. Good luck!

Melanie said...

No taste warning...but an avid reader!
Option 1: Looks uncomfortable and it has three seat pillows which means more coins, dog hair, and crayons fall in.
Option 2: I like the idea of the long cushion but now I'm thinking of what it would be like to be the only one sitting on one end...and the other end flying up.
Option 3: I think this is my pick. It looks the most inviting...has two cushions..(so the best of both worlds). It also looks like the armrests are low enough that you could prop your head without straining your neck.
Option 4: Ugh! This looks like Travel Nurse furniture. (sorry!)
Option 5: Doesn't look very comfortable...and I don't think you would need square tables instead of round. (and I love the round tables!)

Aleah said...

Love #3! but really they are all pretty similar. Now granted #3 might not be the wisest pick for two little kids and two dogs in terms of color but maybe in a darker color? Can't wait to see it all come together!!

Brielyn Flones said...

Fiona! It's Brie, your old neighbor, and I love your blog! :) I also love couch #4. Hope you and yours are well!

Heather said...

love #4 and #5, but I also love leather, its cozy and easy to clean and gets weathered. :)