Monday, January 24, 2011

Santa Photo

Santa Photo 2010 001

Christmas 2010 006Finn joined us after a long day at the office. I’m glad he was able to unwind, let off some steam.

Christmas 2010 007 Christmas 2010 010

That’s right, I’m working my way through December posts.

It doesn’t even matter anymore what The Big Guy said to them, what they said to him, how excited they were waiting in line. Its done, really done, like a month ago done.

Historical photos found here.

I feel like I’m working behind a desk, trying to get work done for a long past deadline. Except I’m in my PJs, our contractor just came to the door and looked horrified by my appearance at 11:15am. I should be embarrassed. I’m just glad he didn’t see Finn. Finn is in his jammies too, he’s eating candy canes (to get me in the Christmas Spirit), he stinks, and he’s watched a week’s worth of television in one morning.



Meg said...

You are my, hands down, favorite. Thank you for letting your kid watch TV and eat candy while you blog. Not that I've ever done it...but I'm sure it makes a lot of 'those' kind of mom's feel better out there. And the Santa've got some pretty freakin' cute kiddos my dear. With personalities to boot.

Meg said...

P.S. After I lose this baby weight, can I borrow Niamh's dress?

AL said...

Park has Finn's Vote Yes shirt! Among all the other Woot favorites :)