Monday, June 14, 2010

Again and Again and Again

I know I know. I say it over and over and over. And I’ll say it again and again and again.

Niamh and Jaya and Finn and Sasha… all together, paired off, individually, whatever the combination…they make me happy.

I love that Niamh and Jaya found one another just about one year ago. I love that Finn and Sasha are included in their play dates. I love that I love Jaya’s and Sasha’s parents. I love that we are working on the whole deathlyafraidofalldogs thing that Jaya suffers from. I love that Jaya pronounces Niamh’s name in the more correct Irish pronunciation than I do. I love that Sasha won’t leave my house without a hug and a kiss from everyone, including Finn, but not Steve (but I think she singles him out because she knows he adores her and she is playing hard to get). I love that Niamh and Jaya share secrets about where they hide their boogers. I’ll end with that because I kind of think that is the best example of how much they trust each other.

014                                                                                   When we showed up at the park and Jaya’s mom saw Niamh’s outfit, she asked if Jaya’s style was starting to rub off on Niamh. Actually, I’m the one that put that sweet outfit together. I guess Jaya’s style is wearing off on me. Stay tuned, I might start wearing mismatched legwarmers on both my arms and legs. Or, I might dress head to toe in Hello Kitty, including my underwear.       

015 016     Finn always looks like he’s been shaken.

019      And here Sasha is thinking I only hang out with this Yahoo because his mom is quick to give me as many band aids as I request for my fake owies. And that’s the truth, I’d do anything for her. She’s a charmer.


To sum it all up, The Westovers have a huge crush on The Parsons.

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