Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our Yard Project

Our yard. Oh Lawdy, our yard.

Our 2 children have never never ever never ever played in their backyard without getting a tetanus shot before exiting the back door. We are horrible parents, BUT, we are going to try to make up for it.

Somehow, we are going to make this

023 024 025 030             


In to this


Does anyone know how to reach Ty Pennington or The Fairy God Mother? We might need some magic for this one.


Meg said...

I think you may need to pray to a little higher source than Ty. Yowza, that looks like a lot of work...but it will be fab, and think of all the money you'll save not having to pay Niamh and Finn's doctor visit copays. What happened to the garage? And for the record, I thought Hammock send Hemlock...and figured that was just a way to save you time and money on the backyard.

fiona westover said...

The garage became Steve's painting stand 3 years ago. He leaned doors up against the side of the garage and used a paint sprayer. What you see is the overspray from the outline of the doors. Nice touch.

MWesty said...

Where is the dog poop area?

Katie said...

Yes, where are Gus and Fred's custom dog houses?
BTW, I love the new back yard. Call me when you are ready to BBQ.