Thursday, June 24, 2010


My dream has been shattered. Fred has been sold. Gus remains available, but what will Gus do without Fred? What will I do without Gus AND Fred?

I have obsessively been looking at the ad for “my” 2 pups multiple times each day to see if it had changed to read Dear Nice Woman who came by with the 2 kids. We have changed our minds and feel that you are the best home for these puppies. So, rather than charge you and arm and a leg, we want you to just have them, for free. It just seems like the right thing to do.

That didn’t happen, and just now my heart is breaking again.

I miss my Eddy.

I’m sad.


malia said...

can I work some overtime and put it on your timecard?

Maria said...

my heart is breaking for you! so sorry fiona. don't you worry "your" pups will find their way to you, eddy will make sure of that! xoxoxo

Maria said...

ps saw niamh and your nanny at mollys and may have freaked them out! sorry! i thought niamh may have run away from home in search of ice cream, not the case, but my neurotic self panicked! hehehe

AL said...

Now I love Gus also! I am sure when Fred turns 18 he will search for you, his rightful mother.
I admit to checking on your blog picture just to see those cute mugs.

Maree said...

Gosh, how sad. However, you are destined to have TWO little pups, they will come to you!!!