Sunday, June 6, 2010

Little Bro Missed Big Sis

Saturday night Niamh had a sleepover at Jaya’s house. After we put Finn to bed, Steve found him in Niamh’s room, getting in to her bed, with all his blankets and Pig with him.

Tonight, when getting the kids ready for bed, we couldn’t find Niamh’s toothbrush. Niamh said she didn’t bring it to Jaya’s so she didn’t leave it there (guess she didn’t brush her teeth). We searched and searched and came up with nothing.

Then, Steve put his hand under Finn’s pillow and felt something prickly. There it was! Niamh’s toothbrush under Finn’s pillow.

Looks like Finn missed his Big Sister while she was gone doing Big Sister and Best Friend stuff.  He loves her and her toothbrush.


Katie said...

So sweet. Makes me want another. Niamh is the ultimate big sister.
I love Finn, even if he's never excited see me.

Brooke said...

These two are so sweet . What a team. Love that photo. Gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Aww! How sweet! Great picture of the two munchkins!

Anonymous said...

That's so sweet. Except...I remember when this picture was taken they were fighting like cats and dogs over a prickly puffer fish toy that is still sitting right here on my window sill. Of course two minutes later Niamh was worried Finn got water up his nose and all was well in the world again.